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August 20, 2019

Thank you for attending Back to School night. I enjoyed meeting you and your child! If you do not have a church family, please consider joining ours at St. Paul's. :)

I will be sending water bottles home daily so that they may be washed and returned. Please do not sent water in them. I will help fill them from our water fountain. This will cut back on spilled water in backpacks and the gym!



We will be working on becoming good readers by picking out “just right” books for us. We are also building our stamina in looking at or reading books. This will help us later when we start reading corners.


We will explore various manipulative s that we use with math concepts. We are also learning to write numbers 1-3.

Words to Learn

God Jesus

Letter of the Week


Bible Verse

Know that the Lord, He is God!

Psalm 100:3


We will learn how to use scissors, glue, pencil, crayons and other school supplies.



Other News

I have inserted a church and Sunday school attendance form in the “return” side of the red folder. These should be stored in the folders (after you have filled out the week's information). That way I have them when I need to send in reports. Thank you!