What are the office hours
Summer- 8:30 am - 4 pm Mon-Fri

School Year:
Office Hours have been established by our Board of Education as 7:30 am until 4:00 pm

phone -660-826-1925 

How early can I drop my child off at school?
You may drop your child off as early as 6:30 am or even earlier if you talk to us ahead of time. The cost for School Age Care is $4.00/hour (charged by the minute EIGHT CENTS PER MINUTE) The charge is for any drop off before 7:45am. After 7:45 there is no charge.


Immunization chart for our school can be found at the following site.



What is it like to go to St. Paul's?

Parent 1

I was originally planning on sending my daughter to public school, and then COVID started to get worse and worse, when I saw what the public schools were planning on doing I panicked and started looking at Sedalia’s private school options. I searched and visited all private schools in Sedalia but I felt great at St. Paul’s. I felt like God was leading us in this direction. I had not considered everything else though, like the influences she would have, how other kids would treat her, how nice her teachers would be, and how comforting it would be knowing she would have more one on one time with her teacher because of the small class size. Most importantly I didn’t think about the influence the school would have in regards to religion.  We are a Christian family but we are not good about making it a priority, so I cherish so much when she comes home and is telling me about God and everything she learns about Jesus, singing lovely Christian songs she learns in class and how important God is in our daily walk of life. She wouldn’t have any of this in public school. Selfishly I’m glad Covid happened (although it can definitely go away now) otherwise I would have continued with my original plans and not taken everything mentioned into consideration. I’m very thankful God led us in the direction of St. Paul’s Lutheran.

Parent 2

This was our first at St. Paul’s. We were a little nervous sending our 2 boys to St. Paul’s because mom is a public school teacher in another district. But I can honestly say the best decision we have ever made as a couple is sending our children to St. Paul’s. The loving yet stern attitude of the teachers and staff make for a wonderful environment. Our oldest (3rd grader) was never really having academic problems in public school, but he has excelled at St. Paul’s making the A-honor roll, placing high in the spelling bee against other schools. His love for learning more and sharing Christ has skyrocketed. And our kindergartner is already reading. If there is any negative to St. Paul’s at all, it is that it is only K-8. I pray they can do High School by the time my 3rd grader gets there.

Parent 3
We have many positive feelings about St. Paul's. We like the small class size and that Christian based learning in emphasized in all subjects. Our children are challenged academically and receive as much one-on-one support from the outstanding teachers, as needed. In our opinion, all of the teachers do an excellent job of providing a caring atmosphere and our children are emotionally healthier than they were in a public school. Parent involvement is encouraged and we feel we are welcome to talk to any St. Paul's staff member, at any time. The Christian attitudes of the teachers at St. Paul's are heartening and our children know they are really cared for, which overall, is the most important thing to us!

Parent 4
We love St. Paul's. Our daughter has attended since preschool and each year seems more wonderful than the last! Small class size, well trained teachers and the use of A Beka books/programs support outstanding academics. Each class is ranked at or above the national standard in their grade level. Extra curricular activities include chess, volleyball, basketball, choir, parent teacher league and more. Not only are the children loved and supported by the school staff but the church family contributes with time, money and prayers! If you are thinking of private school, check this one out!

Parent 5
My children have attended this school from kindergarten. The teachers are all highly skilled, dedicated and caring professionals. Each strives to provide encouragement to each individual child. The principal knows each child by name and is very involved in the classroom environment. I highly recommend this school to every parent

Parent 6
St. Paul's Lutheran School is the best elementary/middle school for miles! I send my three children there and there has been a dramatic difference in my children's attitude and academic accomplishments since they started last year. I have nothing but wonderful comments concerning the caring teachers/faculty of this school. There is plenty of one on one attention given to each child in a safe, Christian environment. The tuition is very affordable and sometimes financial assistance is available for those who need it. St. Paul's offers extracurricular activities and after school care as well. Top notch!

Parent 7

We will always be grateful for what St. Paul's has done for our grandaughter.  St. Paul's has firmly planted Jesus at the center of her heart. 

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