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Our Clear Mission:

Celebrating God's gift of eternal life through Christ-centered, quality education.​

Educational Philosophy
St. Paul's Lutheran School is dedicated to a belief in the value of each individual as a child of God. We provide Christ centered, quality educational opportunities to help students achieve their potential to be life-long learners and to make positive contributions to their families, their communities and their churches.

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Sedalia St. Paul's Lutheran School
701 S. Massachusetts
Sedalia, Missouri 65301
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Regular Schedule

  • Sunday worship in Chapel
    – 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
  • Church Worship service (more contemporary than Sunday morning)
    – 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM


BJU PRESS and Lutheran Curriculum

Why we use BJU Press materials in our school

Lutheran Schools and BJU Press curricular materials: An Ideal Match. Why?


1.  Ideal Integration of Faith and Learning

If you are using secular texts and are relying on your teachers to bring your Biblical world view to bear on each subject, consider:

  • Are all teachers really doing this?
  • How deep do teachers go with faith integration?
  • Do teachers have the time or expertise to achieve significant levels of integration on a consistent basis?
  • All of the products of secular publishers reflect a humanist viewpoint.
  • There is an increasing concern among Lutheran educators that their efforts are being undermined by the use of secular texts.

Why struggle to use curricular tools which fight the Lutheran teacher at every turn? As a matter of principle, every BJU Press textbook is written from a distinctively Biblical viewpoint and aims to present each discipline through the lens of Scripture.

2.  Ideal Consistency with Doctrinal Position

If you are going to use Christian materials, you must be careful to choose that which does not conflict with Lutheran doctrine. All core educational disciplines can be taught with confidence in any Lutheran school using BJU Press materials. In fact, Lutheran administrators are turning to BJU Press because of its faithfulness to Scripture.

3.  Ideal Modern, Up-to-date Pedagogy

BJU Press applies a consistently high standard to each textbook. Relying upon extensive current research as well as seasoned university educational faculty, the authors and editorial staff constantly review and upgrade their curricular material to reflect trustworthy, effective pedagogy. The authors’ research takes into consideration national standards in each discipline to make sure their scope and sequence reflects adequate and age-appropriate preparation of students for testing as well as transition to other schools.

4. Ideal Materials for Developing Critical Thinking

BJU Press material challenges students to think by constantly asking them questions based on a critically incremental taxonomy. Material is presented with an emphasis on understanding. BJU Press textbooks help develop understanding with inductive teaching, hands-on learning, and probing questions. Teaching for critical thinking is an integral part of every discipline at every level, Kindergarten through grade 12. Students are taught to use discernment and to consider values when confronted with conflict. Teaching must go beyond knowing facts and processes.

5. Ideally Suitable for Quality and Interest

BJU Press texts include colorful pages, real-life applications, and special case studies. Lessons are interactive. Teachers are given resources to meet all the learning styles. When a student enjoys his schooling, he will develop both social and academic skills and learn how to cultivate his God-given talents to their fullest potential. School is interesting, relevant, and fun for students and teachers!

Michael Healan, Ed.D., Educational Consultant, Precept Marketing Group

Phone 920.540.4015   Fax 866.636.0942       Email mhealan@preceptmarketing.com

2014-2015 Registration

Click here for the 2014-2015 Registration Form

You can print this form off- complete it and bring it to the school office to reserve a seat for your child next school year. The registration will make sure your child has a seat in next years classroom. 


Sedalia St. Paul's Lutheran School has implemented a new electronic payment system to make it easier on our parents and our faculty.  Click here for the link.

St. Paul's has so much to offer!

St. Paul's has so much to offer!
- Weekly Chapel Services
- Small class size: current average is 14 students per classroom
- A growing school library
- Climate controlled classrooms
- An enclosed and secure playground attached to the gymnasium
- A ten computer lab with high-speed internet, supervised by staff.

Wonderful video about Private Education

Click here to view a wonderful Youtube video about Christian Education

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