Why Send Your Child to St. Paul's Lutheran School?

  • We are guided and driven by a commitment to the Gospel and focused on a mission of bringing hope and healing to students and their families.

  • We are governed by board members who clearly understand their roles and focus on the vision and board policies that effectively govern the operation of the school.

  • We are an accredited school that meets or exceeds state and national academic standards.

  • Our focus is on Christian education, academic excellence based on individual student needs, and strengthening the development of the whole person.

  • We have highly qualified educators who model visionary, servant, and spiritual leadership. They practice and teach stewardship of resources. They empathize with and build up students and staff. They study God's Word, share their personal faith stories, apply Law and Gospel appropriately, exhibit a passion for ministry, care for others, demonstrate integrity, and pray.

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Family Tours

We would love to give you a tour of our facilities. Please contact the school office to schedule your appointment at (660) 826-1925.

Shadow Days

We welcome potential students to our school for the opportunity to experience classroom life at St. Paul's. Your child will be paired up with a current student of the same grade level and introduced to the many possibilities St. Paul's offers.


Below are the current tuition rates. Please see the enrollment form for more information.

Community Rates K-8

1st Child $3,945 / year  ($438/mo.)
2nd Child $3,551 / year  ($395/mo.)
3rd Child $3,156 / year  ($351/mo.)
4th+ Child $2,762 / year  ($307/mo.)

LCMS Church members rate K-8:

1st child $2,703 / year  ($300/mo.)
2nd child $2,433 / year  ($270/mo.)
3rd child $2,162 / year  ($240/mo.)
4th+ child $1,892 / year   ($210/mo.)

Community and LCMS Preschool Rates (same rate applies to both)

$4,171/year ($463/mo.-110wk)

Financial Aid

St. Paul's Lutheran School offers discounted rates for both LCMS church members and enrolling multiple students. We do not want the cost of tuition to be a hindrance for families desiring a Christian education for their children. Should you be interested in enrolling, but are in need of financial assistance, please contact the school office. St. Paul's school board will assess the family's needs on a case by case basis.

For more information on our school policies, please see our Student Handbook.

Student Age Care Program (SAC)

If you need after school care for your child(ren), St. Paul's offers the Student Age Care program for a small, additional fee of $4.00/hour per child. This program is designed to provide parents working outside the home safe and dependable care outside the normal school hours. SAC begins before school from 6:30 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. and after school from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. This service is only provided on days school is in session and is not available on holidays, breaks, or school cancellations.

For more information on our Student Age Care Program, please see our SAC Handbook.