Science Curriculum Needs

This year, St. Paul's is improving its science curriculum. We have needs for both upper and lower grades. Please prayerfully consider donating one or more of the following items to help grow our science classroom! If more than one item is required, that number is noted in parenthesis. Most items are directly linked to stores where purchases may be made. Our goal is to have all items for the start of the 2023-24 school year. List will be updated as items are received.

Donations may be dropped off at the school office. If you'd like to ship your donation directly to the school, please send it to:

St. Paul's Lutheran School
Science Dept

701 S. Massachusetts
Sedalia, MO 65301

For questions, please contact us at (660) 826-1925.

Thank you!

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Kids Portable LED Microscopes (2-5) Compound Microscope (4)
Triple Beam Balance Scales (2) Slide w/Specimen Kit
Precision School Balance (1) Stirring Hot Plate (2)
Large Spring Scales (4) Triple Beam Balance
12 Pack Electronic Digital Stopwatches Glass Graduated Cylinder/Beaker Set
Plaster of Paris Plastic Graduated Cylinder/Beaker Set (6)
Ice Cube Trays Litmus Paper
Medium to Large Sponges Anemometer/Barometer
Heat Lamp Erlenmeyer Flask Set (4)
Metal or Plastic Slinky (4) Powder Funnel (2)
Mesh Wire Screens Glycerin
Various Diameter Straws Hand Magnifier Set 10x
Any Color Crayola Air Dry Clay Hand Magnifier Set 30x
Food Coloring Set 250 Watt Heat Lamp Bulbs and Lamp Clamp
Various Grit Sandpaper Hot Plate (4)
Ping Pong Balls Hydrocholoric Acid 2M Solution
Golf Balls Ring Stand (2)
Various Sizes Nails Large Ring Clamp
Hot Plate Metal Mixing Bowl
Rubbing Alcohol Kitchen Scale (2)
Hot Pads (Pot Holders) (2-4) Hydrometer
Toy Cars (black/dark color and white) Lab Thermometer
Mini Plastic Hand Magnifying Glasses Phosphate Test Kit
Tape Measure Spring Scale 10 Newton
Plant Root View Kit Spring Scale Set
Digital Thermometer Stirring Rod Set
Replacement Microscope Lenses 30 Meter Tape Measure
Pinwheels (10) Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet (Lockable)
Tuning Fork (2)  
Portable Speaker  
Hand Garden Cultivators (10)  
Socks (10-12 pairs)  
Felt Squares  
Pipe Cleaners